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Unhei Kang, Realtor
The Grubb Company
3070 Claremont Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705
510-816-6999 direct/cell
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Lic # 01825446

The Grubb Company

Summary: Oakland has been my home since 1998. Formerly a social worker in Los Angeles for eight years, I moved to the Bay Area and worked in IT for another eight years before wanting to work more closely with people. I am now a licensed real estate agent with The Grubb Company, and love helping my clients with their real estate needs. I am also familiar with rental units and buying fixers as I own rental units myself and have managed extensive home renovations, including working with an architect to design a home from the studs up. When I’m not working, I am an avid rock climber, recent road bike enthusiast, and enjoy throwing fun wine and dinner parties!

Professional History: I have a bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) from California State University, Long Beach and a master’s degree in social work (MSW) from University of California, Los Angeles. I was a social worker for 8 years; the first half of my career was in HIV/AIDS, providing case management, HIV/AID education, and fundraising. The latter part of my career was as a Medical Social Worker, working primiarly with elderly and terminally ill patients. I met incredible people throughout my career and have many fond memories. One highlight was running into a client a few years later and having him thank me for my help. What I appreciate the most was that he told me that I was very fair and helped everyone equally.

My second career was in Information Technology (IT) at a capital management firm. I started as an IT Director’s assistant and worked my way up to IT Project Manager. Again, the most valuable aspect of my job was interfacing with people and project management.

Real estate allows me to combine my people and project management skills to their best advantage. I get a deep satisfaction assisting people with their real estate needs.

Personal History: I was born in Korea, lived in Germany for a year as a child, and grew up in Orange County, Southern California. The Bay Area has been my home since 1998. Growing up in different countries and cities make me appreciate cultural diversity.

I am very persistent and a perfectionist. In 1996, I lived in Korea for a year to learn Korean, but dissatisfied with my fluency, after coming back to the US, I worked for a Korean Social Service agency. When you’re working with grandma and grandpa who speak don’t English, you learn Korean really fast! I am now fluent in Korean.

My hobbies are rocking climbing, road cycling (very new to this), throwing dinner parties and wine socials, and trying new things. I like climbing because it’s physically and mentally challenging. I love road cycling because you get to travel a lot farther than running! I love throwing dinner and wine socials because I enjoy cooking, drinking wine, and socializing. I enjoy sampling new wines, restaurants, and new places. I just recently discovered that Livermore has a burgeoning wine community!

I also enjoy traveling and have visited Argentina, Chile, Malaysia, France, Italy, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Scotland, The Netherlands, England, and Germany. I enjoy meeting people with varying views, trying new types of food, and seeing natural, as well as, man-made wonders.

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Unhei helped me buy my first home and I highly recommend her. As if the process of buying a home isn't stressful enough in it of itself, I was also writing my dissertation and adjusting to major life changes. She helped me through a disastrous experience with a totally unprofessional company that supposedly specializes in first-time buyers.I really trusted her network as well. Everyone she referred from pest to a back-up lender (who we ended up needing!) was also very trustworthy. My experience with Unhei: -She is patient, trustworthy, and SUPER efficient. -I felt that she was always looking out for my family's best interest. -She has deep knowledge about real estate and the buying process. -She is really strong and good at holding her ground and doesn't let anyone push her around all while looking poised and professional!
- Amy Lee

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