Archive Pictures Of Old Oakland

This collection of Oakland archive photos was inspired by my recent trip to Scream Sorbet. They had old images of Telegraph Avenue that added lots of character to their cute little store. I really enjoyed the images as they give me a peek into what Oakland used to look like.

I’ve always been fond of archive images in general, and decided to visit the Oakland Library to put some of them online. I’m compiling them here. Enjoy!

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Working with Unhei was an absolute joy. As first-time homebuyers and extreme newcomers to the nuances of Bay Area real estate, we simply would not have made it without Unhei’s help, her expertise, and her constant good cheer. She answered all of our questions (and we asked a bunch!) clearly and patiently, and expertly steered us through every step of the process. For us, buying a house seemed both quite intimidating and extremely complicated. Unhei was there with us at every single step, from the initial viewings to crafting an offer to navigating loan documents and disclosures to the moment when she handed us the keys. Her suggestions were always insightful and her advice was always honest, straight-forward, and wonderfully genuine. This may sound like an odd way to put it, but what is most wonderful about Unhei is that that she is so deeply human—we trusted her so completely and felt so comforted knowing that she was on our side because she treated the entire process not simply a business transaction, but as a really important event in our lives, one filled with excitement and uncertainty and joy and anxiety. She is as brilliant at guiding people through the human drama of homebuying as she is at navigating the actual nuts-and-bolts ordeal of purchasing a house in a complex market. We plan to be in our new home for a good long time, but if we ever find ourselves back in the real estate market, we couldn’t imagine working with anyone besides Unhei. She is a gifted professional and a remarkable person, and we feel tremendously lucky to have had her help.
- Eric Falci and Amanda Whitehead

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