Archive Pictures Of Old Oakland

This collection of Oakland archive photos was inspired by my recent trip to Scream Sorbet. They had old images of Telegraph Avenue that added lots of character to their cute little store. I really enjoyed the images as they give me a peek into what Oakland used to look like.

I’ve always been fond of archive images in general, and decided to visit the Oakland Library to put some of them online. I’m compiling them here. Enjoy!

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We found Unhei by accident — a very happy accident — when I came to the Grubb office on Claremont Avenue to inquire about a condo “For Sale” sign in the neighborhood and she was available to answer questions. That condo would not have done, but within just a few weeks Unhei helped us find one that had all the features we wanted. She shepherded us through the often-tedious purchase process and THEN she undertook the challenge of selling the house in the Montclair hills in which we had lived for 49 years. So much had to be done to make it marketable, but Unhei knew exactly what to do and she managed everything, down to the smallest detail. (She was there so often that sometimes it seemed that she was living in the house!) She also advised and comforted us when a new problem developed. We lost hope several times, but she never did. On the first day of the World Series we celebrated the very successful sale, so it seemed appropriate to thank Unhei for going to bat for us AND for going into extra innings.
- John and Joanne Lafler, October 2012

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